Do My Homework For Me? 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do it on Your Own

Do My Homework For Me? 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do it on Your Own
“How can I do my homework for me?” This is one of the most common questions mothers ask themselves when faced with additional schooling, and balancing work and family life. Unfortunately, our culture pushes and pulls us in different directions on this question, so I’ve put together a few quick pointers to help you navigate this minefield.

First, I need to preface this by saying that yes, homework is important. You don’t want your child going into a new school without a set of well-thought-out and well-prepared homework assignments. However, sometimes homework can become more than just a chore. Kids often let homework becomes an excuse to steal school from their friends. Parents need to be more stringent in their expectations, even if they are using motivated learning programs like Wearever or Smartmarks to grade their kids’ homework.

Second, here’s what you need to know: yes, I do need to do my homework for me! Don’t feel bad if you find yourself answering this question with some degree of doubt. Sometimes things happen that are more important than your math class, and you won’t have any substitute if you don’t do it! That being said, keep these questions in mind when you’re grading, and you should be just fine!

Third, even if your kid does want to do his or her homework, do your homework for him or her! There’s a difference between a tired student who needs help studying for an upcoming test and one who are simply exhausted from studying and homework. If you’re grading, your kid may be tired or in poor health, but there’s a good chance that they’re doing it because of their own fatigue and frustration. Don’t justify their lack of focus by saying that they’ll feel better if they study harder or that they need to leave the house earlier. Focus on what’s wrong (lack of sleep, homework, etc) and give them the help they need, even if that means taking away from their studies and homework!

Fourth, my children don’t need constant reminders that doing their homework is important. Kids learn new things all the time, and when they do things that make them really smart, they don’t always remember that they already know how. This can lead to a lot of “brainstorming” time, which kids love, but that doesn’t really help their homework for me. Give them breaks, and when they get a rest, remind them that doing their homework is important.

Fifth, I’m not convinced that private tutoring is necessary at my age or for my grade level. My oldest child takes classes online and her homework is done in her journal, which she uses for a limited number of hours per session. Her scores are average, and she has good average grades throughout the school year, so I don’t see the need for private tutoring. I also feel that online homework is more distracting to me than traditional school work.

Sixth, I think he is too young to be learning mathematics concepts. We already do a fair amount of that during our weekly shopping excursions. Plus, he does well on reading and science assignments. How is it possible for him to learn math concepts that are so much older than he is? Again, he has no desire to learn, so I don’t think he needs this lesson in the very early stages of his education.

Seventh, I don’t have a better alternative. I do my homework for me. I find it taxing and tiring, even though it only gets done once a week. There are other ways to do my homework, and I am content to use them because they are more efficient and allow me to better take care of myself.

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