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Environmental scientists are in high demand across the globe as climate change intensifies, natural resources become threatened and renewable energy gains momentum. Environmental careers offer exciting and challenging career options that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

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With an environmental science degree, you will learn how to preserve our planet for future generations. This degree is exceptionally versatile and integrates knowledge from various disciplines – leading to work opportunities in wildlife conservation, emergency preparedness and law.

Explore how natural environmental systems operate and the effect of human activities on them, from molecular-level effects all the way up to ecosystem changes caused by communities, species and ecosystems. Gain experience writing scientific technical papers and presentations while communicating your research findings and theories with peers, professionals and the general public.

HPU’s mid-Pacific location provides many exceptional opportunities for class, lab and field experience. You may take advantage of local wetlands restoration projects at Kelso Wildlife Sanctuary or conduct your own research at Miller Reserve Wetlands Project or Reis Biological Research Station.

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Levine states that most environmental science programs won’t explicitly train students on how to market their work; rather, you learn how to take complex topics and reduce them down so your constituents will understand. This may involve writing research proposals, papers and emails; discussing them during classes or public events; as well as giving presentations before colleagues, managers, executives or even members of the public.

Environmental scientists work on issues ranging from climate change and conservation to biodiversity conservation and water quality issues as well as waste reduction strategies. A degree in this field could open doors in various industries and fields.

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Research papers are an integral component of many Environmental Science degrees. From identifying pollutants to documenting climate change impacts, conducting an effective research project requires knowing how to execute it successfully. Students seeking assistance can seek professional help by consulting an expert in their field; before making this decision it’s wise to review assignment guidelines as well as any writing specifications such as length, formatting style or citation style to avoid miscommunication during their consultation process.

Environmental Scientists must interpret their research findings and communicate them effectively, whether that means writing reports or giving presentations – from park rangers explaining why a sample was taken to scientists at universities interpreting results for presentations – beyond conducting studies.

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Environmental scientists specialize in solving problems at all levels – from molecular and cellular to ecosystem levels – ranging from conservation of biodiversity and the quality of water/soil supplies, through sustainable decisions for businesses and governments to help preserve this vital natural resource.


Students develop a comprehensive understanding of how humans have altered the Earth’s physical, biological, and chemical systems through human activity. Students then utilize this knowledge to solve problems related to air, water, soil quality; global change; natural resources management and biodiversity preservation.

After graduating with their Bachelor’s degrees, many ES students opt to complete additional graduate-level degrees either for personal reasons or because they desire increased salary or responsibility in their jobs.

As part of your Career & Curriculum Planning Seminar (typically offered during spring of your sophomore year), you will develop an individualized course-plan tailored to you and meet regularly with a faculty mentor to explore how your interests and career ideas are evolving. In these discussions, potential internships or other professional development opportunities may also be identified. All ES students must also complete two Praxes experiences that build skills in their field of interest.

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An Environmental Science degree combines aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and geography to explore our planet. It examines human interactions with nature – including both positive and negative impacts from human activities – while studying ecosystems’ ecology, control methods and their global change impacts on ecosystems. Students gain a broad knowledge base related to environmental change as it affects their ecosystems.

Coursework for environmental science degrees typically includes fieldwork both inside and outside of the lab, which allows students to gain hands-on industry experience and build their professional network. Some programs even provide placement years that increase employment prospects.

Students are expected to excel at their research and present it effectively via writing. Whether submitting it to a peer-reviewed journal or making their findings accessible for all audiences, students must demonstrate an ability to explain it clearly to non-experts while maintaining clarity – this skill being essential in this field.


Environmental science degrees are an interdisciplinary major that draw on disciplines such as physics, biology, chemistry and physical geography to address major environmental problems in our natural world. Students participating in environmental science degrees also engage in practical learning experiences like internships and research alongside traditional coursework studies.

This program is tailored to meet the educational and career goals of all students, regardless of their field or field of interest. Students complete foundational classes in science while also taking electives in fields like biology, geography, economics and policy. Furthermore, all students must fulfill two “Praxis” requirements that provide hands-on experience.

Students learn through experiential activities how to apply scientific, mathematical and statistical concepts. Ultimately these abilities help evaluate complex environmental issues at local, regional and global scales due to ecological degradation or human activity such as pollution.

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Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that draws from biology, physics, chemistry and geography to examine environmental problems caused by nature or humanity, and possible solutions. Students explore these causes through laboratory activities, case studies and student projects.

Environmental scientists use their expertise to promote sustainable resource management and reduce negative environmental stressors like deforestation, air and water pollution and chemical contamination on ecosystems. Furthermore, environmental scientists encourage companies, government agencies, and individuals to consume natural resources responsibly.

The AP Environmental Science Framework included in the Course and Exam Description is designed to outline specific scientific practices students should develop throughout the year. It also suggests one possible course sequence; teachers may choose how best to organize content based on local priorities and preferences. It is updated each September, with printable replacement pages available as replacement sheets for CED binders that teachers received in 2019. However, please be aware that new free-response questions were added online CED in 2021 that may alter this document’s contents.

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Students that study environmental science tend to care deeply about protecting the planet, often engaging in fieldwork and lab projects as part of their coursework. Some also take part in internships or study abroad opportunities.

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Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field, drawing upon biology, geology, chemistry, physics and meteorology to examine how the natural world operates and examine how people impact it through deforestation, global warming and pollution issues.

An essential course in any environmental science program is atmospheric physics. It teaches students about the nature and structure of weather systems as well as how experts study them using satellite images, radar data and other means. Classes often feature laboratory sessions where students learn to handle delicate instruments while measuring raindrops or air pressure.

Professional Writing classes also teach students how to draft research reports and present them effectively for an audience, an essential skill in environmental sciences where scientists often need to present complex topics so their constituents – be they other scientists, colleagues or the general public – can understand. Students are required to complete a two-semester senior capstone project under faculty supervision which allows them to conduct original research independently.


Environmental science is an emerging discipline that investigates the complex relationship between humanity and nature. It seeks to strike a balance between human needs and nature’s inhabitants by offering pollution prevention measures, natural resource management solutions, climate solutions and promoting eco-friendly living and working practices.

Students explore the environment by drawing upon concepts from biology, chemistry, physics, plant science and zoology. They also gain experience applying scientific research methodologies and analyzing data; this helps them pinpoint environmental problems while suggesting appropriate solutions.

Alongside coursework, some programs also provide hands-on experience through internships and research opportunities, which can provide students with invaluable hands-on learning. Furthermore, many students join professional organizations that keep them current with industry trends; these organizations may also serve as valuable networking resources that will open doors to employment opportunities down the road.


Environmental science is an expansive field that encompasses many disciplines – biology, chemistry and geography among them – and explores human interactions with their environments. Students studying environmental sciences learn to view life through various lenses while applying research skills towards solving real-life issues.

Not only do graduates from this major develop technical expertise, they often also graduate with a strong sense of empathy and appreciation for the natural environment. This helps them make informed decisions for clients, employees and the general public by simplifying complex topics into understandable language for all audiences. Environmental scientists also learn risk management – essential skills both in scientific fields as well as less traditional ones where convincing companies or institutions to invest time and money in new processes or natural resources may require environmental scientists.


Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field encompassing areas like biology, chemistry and geography. The aim is to understand our environment and its interactions with humanity as well as potential solutions for environmental problems such as deforestation and climate change. Students often participate in fieldwork by traveling locally or even globally in order to observe various ecosystems.

The Rubenstein School offers a bachelor of environmental sciences that equips students to tackle global sustainability challenges. The program blends an outstanding foundation in math and science with more specialized courses like environmental biology, geology and earth systems science – plus customizing your studies by selecting from 15 credit hour focal areas like environmental communication or geospatial technologies – plus culminating with a research-based capstone experience.

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