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Environmental studies students develop skills to address complex issues across biology, geography, chemistry and the social sciences. Students often supplement classroom study with internships, field work and even studying abroad for one semester.

Gaining good grades is a huge boost for student morale and necessary for making the most of their time and efforts.

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Environmental studies majors must possess the ability to interpret research data and statistical information, while also using creativity to solve complex problems. Furthermore, they must communicate their work in an understandable manner for various audiences such as scientists, students and policymakers.

Elmhurst’s Environmental Studies program uses an immersive outdoor classroom experience, immersing you in dynamic natural settings where you’ll explore ecological concepts, research methods and sustainability solutions. You will also have opportunities for internships, undergraduate research projects and study abroad programs which tie your coursework back into real world projects.

As a graduate, you will be equipped to pursue various career paths. Our graduates find work in environmental consulting, conservation biology, wetland science, environmental soil science, ecotoxicology and environmental management; others utilize their bachelor’s degree as a launchpad into law, political science or education graduate schools; others continue advocating sustainability at government agencies, community-based organizations or nonprofits.


Environmental studies can be an ideal option for those who seek a deeper understanding of their world. Grounded in Earth science but also offering substantial humanities components, environmental studies explore environmentalism and sustainability through sociological, economic, political, and interpretive lenses.

Career options for graduates of this degree are plentiful. In addition to traditional roles such as environmental scientist or conservationist, these graduates find employment in government, nonprofit leadership and media.

Environmental Studies majors must complete two Praxis (hands-on experiences) to gain practical experience and knowledge in their area of study. Students are supported through this process by both their faculty mentor and CORE’s (Careers, Opportunities, Research & Exploration) staff members – Augustana’s unique center for student learning and career support.

Students are encouraged to utilize local parks, wildlife refuges and sanctuaries as field project classrooms. Our unique Green Wing Environmental Laboratory also offers one-day excursions and overnight trips so classroom theory can be put into action.


Are You Passionate About Fighting Global Waste, Promoting Sustainability & Resilience or Addressing Environmental Injustice? The Environmental Studies Program can equip you to pursue these passions successfully.

The curriculum blends rigorous academic studies with hands-on experiences such as internships, field work research projects & service learning opportunities to equip its participants for success in these endeavors.

Your learning objectives include how to approach environmental issues systemically from a social science viewpoint. You will examine the complex interactions between ecological and human systems and delve into solutions, including alternative energy policies, urban environmental sustainability plans, community-based planning models, green manufacturing operations and wetlands protection & water resources management – among others.

Your experience will also include learning how to effectively convey scientific concepts and findings through writing courses and presentations to peers, professionals and the general public. Furthermore, there will be numerous experiential learning opportunities such as internships at local governments or nonprofit organizations, undergraduate research projects or study abroad opportunities available – plus all students must complete a senior integrative experience prior to graduating from this degree program.

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Environmental Studies graduates find employment in diverse fields such as advocacy, urban and regional planning, natural resource management and conservation. Others use their bachelor’s degree as a gateway into advanced study in law, public administration, environmental ethics, political science or education.

Students gain an in-depth knowledge of ecosystem function and human societies’ impact through coursework that blends scientific disciplines like ecology with social sciences and arts and humanities. These skills are essential in meeting today’s environmental challenges.

Students learn to identify the causes of environmental problems by exploring the intersection between sustainability and social justice. Examining distribution of environmental degradation and protection across domestic and global settings; they use North American wildlife as an example to examine challenges related to aligning protection policies across international boundaries; this course fulfills sociology requirements for majors and concentrators.

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This program incorporates field work and internships to gain hands-on experience in environmental issues and sustainability. Coursework explores the relationship between nature and humanity.

Ecological Sustainability

Ecological sustainability is integral to environmental preservation as it ensures Earth’s resources – including air, water and wildlife – remain functional without pollution affecting them; for instance, producing clean drinking water requires factors like nutrient cycling, ecosystem stability and climate change mitigation mitigation strategies.

To maintain ecological sustainability, it’s crucial to comprehend how human activities impact the environment. At SNHU’s master of environmental studies program, courses teach students about some of the major ecological stresses – population growth, disease transmission, pollution and habitat destruction are just a few examples of this.

Environmental sustainability can also be understood using the “planetary boundary concept.” This refers to human activities which must remain within certain boundaries in order to preserve and keep Earth habitable for all forms of life, as well as develop renewable and sustainable energy sources which reduce greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously increasing efficiency of use of energy resources.

Environmental Aesthetics

Philosophy of environmental aesthetics addresses philosophical issues surrounding aesthetic appreciation of both natural and human environments. This field emerged in the latter third of the 20th century due to public interest surrounding natural scenes as well as an awareness that these differed significantly from art-oriented appreciation addressed in traditional aesthetics theories.

Some philosophers have speculated on how climate change could alter people’s associations and aesthetic experiences with nature. They have considered how climate change may taint natural beauty by reminding us of forces and follies that harm nature; additionally they have contemplated ways we might protect environments that do not fit conventional definitions of scenic beauty (Rolston 2000 and Callicott 2003).

Other scholars explore whether aesthetic experiences are always pleasurable and enjoyable, taking either a value neutral approach or asserting that aesthetic experiences can either be positive or negative depending on context. Emily Brady and Ariane Nomikos provide two opposing viewpoints to consider in this discussion.

Arctic Environmental Issues

The Arctic is home to a remarkable diversity of ecological systems, both terrestrial and marine. However, human activity resulting from climate change has had an adverse impact on this region and many habitats have vanished or degraded over time.

Loss of sea ice has allowed more ships into Arctic waters, such as oil and gas exploration vessels, general cargo ships, tourist cruise ships and research ships. This increased activity results in greater pollution than would otherwise occur; occasional catastrophic oil spills cause immense destruction while chronic low-level pollution also takes its toll.

Indigenous people in the Arctic hunt a variety of wildlife species such as whales, seals and caribou to provide food for themselves and their communities. Their activities are being hindered by climate change due to changes in sea ice coverage, precipitation rates, temperatures and tundra productivity; chemical such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) can biomagnify through food chains; POPs bioaccumulate in planktonic micro-organisms that feed on them until eventually reaching large animals such as polar bears.

Transboundary Species Ecology

Ecological processes influencing species ranges and ecosystem dynamics rarely align with geopolitical borders that define nations, creating transboundary landscapes. These areas often boast biodiversity hotspots with numerous important habitats threatened by infrastructure such as border fences and roads that lead to landscape fragmentation and thus limit ecological connectivity.

Although transboundary species are of great significance, they tend to receive relatively less conservation attention. We analyzed global opportunities for the transboundary conservation of various multinational mammal, bird, and herpetofaunal species with core range segments crossing international boundaries comprising 53.8% of total terrestrial bird and mammal populations and an equivalent proportion of fisheries catch revenue.

To protect iconic transboundary ecosystems and their inhabitants from further declines, and enhance wildlife conservation efforts by prohibiting financing activities that negatively affect these species.

Find Someone To Take My Environmental Studies Coursework

Environmental studies majors integrate principles from physical sciences, commerce/economics and humanities in order to address complex contemporary environmental issues. This comprehensive approach allows students to view the world from various viewpoints – including scientific research as well as understanding environmental challenges within society and culture.

This program provides numerous study abroad options. Many of these programs grant credits that fulfill major requirements.

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