Does My Work Friend Like Me? How to Find Out Before It’s Too Late

Does My Work Friend Like Me? How to Find Out Before It’s Too Late
As a student in the spring of 2021, I started to wonder; does my work friend like me? It was easy for me to put this to the test. I’d been dating one very sweet girl who really just wanted to be friends with no other intentions. She just said she liked how I worked so she could hang out with me on campus.

This was back when my online dating experience first started to take off. She and I instantly became friends because we both shared a love of learning and a desire to succeed in school. And so does my work friend like me! I did everything I could think of to get her attention!

In short, we’re both a little bit obsessed with learning. The problem with that obsession is that it can make us pushy with one another and we can both become shy and awkward around the people we believe we’ll find in our classes. When we do find folks we click with, it’s usually to a limited degree. This makes it very difficult for us to develop true friendships.

It also didn’t help that we lived quite far apart and had very different personalities. The distance was sort of a natural boundary. I enjoyed being with her but it wasn’t until I started doing my coursework online did I start to realize how much I really liked her. At that point I knew I had found my work friend. So does my work friend like me; in fact, she’s now my best friend!

What does your best friend like you do? Do they always find time for you to chat? If they do, they are your best friend. If they aren’t on social networks in the way that you are then they may be your best friend, but you have to keep track of what they’re up to.

Social media is really great for communicating with friends and family that live thousands of miles apart. However, if you’re not careful, it can also be a place where you try to court someone who is very close to you. Most people would be wary of telling the person that they’re dating them online. But it’s important to do this.

For example, my work friend has four step-sisters and a brother. She lives in Idaho, but we’ve always talked on the phone or met in person when I wasn’t available. She’s always been there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on when things were going bad. So it’s obvious that she has feelings for me. We’ve talked about marriage and she confided in me about her problems with her step-sisters. At first I wasn’t sure how to approach this because she didn’t tell me much about her life outside work.

So when I messaged her online, she instantly became one of my best friends. She confided in me and that allowed me to really get to know her before I asked her to go out on a date. It worked out great and I hope that it will work out for you too.

One of the most important questions is whether your work site is appropriate for dating. Most people are comfortable with dating sites that allow them to find someone online to date. They just don’t want to do anything that would make them vulnerable. So if you are asking does your work site cater to dates, you need to think carefully about how much you tell people about yourself. If you’re a happy go lucky guy who is fun to be with, you may not want to expose too much about yourself.

However, if you find that you have more in common with your work friend than just being a productive worker, then I would suggest that you keep in touch. Stay in the same town as her (even if you live half way across the country) and meet her when you can. You may not think that it’s that important to ask her out, but if you ask your best friend for advice on a date, then chances are that you’ll follow the advice. Your work best friend doesn’t want to see you change your profile to include your only friend.

The key to online dating success is to build up your social media profiles slowly. Don’t put all of your online friends in one big place. Keep them separated in different places. And don’t fill up your online contact information with every single person that you know. Build it up gradually so that your work persona doesn’t appear in your profile. This will help you build your online personality gradually without giving away everything about who you really are.

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