Does Work Doctor Really Love Me? Do These Qualities Show That He Loves Me?

Does Work Doctor Really Love Me? Do These Qualities Show That He Loves Me?
Does he work hard? This is one question that I get asked a lot from colleagues. When they hear from one of their colleagues, “Your team boss does work really hard” they usually smile and say “Wow, that’s great! He must be exhausted after all the meetings.” After all, most of us are so busy with work that we don’t have time to meet up with our co-workers.

Most of us would agree that our co-workers are our best friends. So when our co-workers tell us that our boss does work really hard – they mean it! But what if your work colleague does not work very hard at all? Does he still work hard at his job? This is important to know because it will help you determine whether he loves you or not.

Does your co-worker really want you to succeed? If he does he will be very focused on helping you succeed because he wants to show you how much he values your efforts. If he doesn’t really care about helping you succeed, then he will only work really hard to discourage you and make you feel stupid for not doing your work properly. He will also be quite irritable because he feels you do not respect him enough as a co-worker.

Does he put in long hours? If you work with someone who puts in long hours, then he is probably the kind of person who really works hard. If you are with someone who works very little, he does not show this quality. He probably does not have too many goals and is more satisfied with spending his time with you. If he does have goals, he is more likely to set them very short-sightedly and to keep working toward them until he gets them.

Does he talk to me as though I am a valuable part of the team or is self-absorbed? Self-absorbed people like to talk themselves out of things. When you are with someone like this, you may find that he talks to you about himself a lot. This includes his personal issues. He may even tell you things about himself that you do not want to hear. If he does this a lot, you may wonder if he really likes you and wants to work with you.

Does he compliment me? A colleague who likes to give personal praise to his colleagues is more likely to want to work with him. When he does this, he can tell you that he really likes you. He can also tell you that he wants to be able to count on you to help and do well at work. This does not mean he is thinking less of you; rather, he is using the words complimenting you to indicate how much he wants you to succeed.

Does he ask me questions about areas in which I need improvement? If a man loves you enough, he will want to spend time with you asking you questions about areas in which you need to improve. This does not mean he is trying to nitpick or make you feel foolish; rather, it is a sign that he truly loves you and wants to help you succeed.

Does he ask for my opinion? A man who really loves you will ask for your opinion on things. Whether it is a suggestion or advice, he really wants to know what you think. If he does this, then he is showing that he truly wants to work with you and to do business with you.

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