Homework – Doing My Homework in Spanish

Homework – Doing My Homework in Spanish
“Do My Homework, Que significa en espaol.” Those words, said by students and parents alike, make me smile. What can I say about homework, which is probably what most students dread? It’s boring and time-consuming, but there’s no way to avoid it when parents force it on their children.

Parents often ask if homework relieves stress for the child, whether that’s true or false. The truth of the matter is both true and false. The student’s anxiety and frustration are two emotions that can be successfully managed and will lessen both while doing homework and after doing homework. When students succeed at getting their homework done, they feel accomplished, and parents feel more fulfilled in their parenting capacities.

Many students’ parents are not very keen on the idea of their children doing homework. It makes them uncomfortable, and some would even question the validity of homework altogether. It seems as though homework is seen only as a waste of time. And that, parents believe, is a very good thing. In my opinion, however, this attitude toward homework negatively affects homework because students don’t appreciate how much they need to do. It makes them think that it’s something that doesn’t need to be done, and that they don’t have to put in any real effort towards it.

As a Hispanic student, I know that many parents are rightfully concerned about the value of education in the United States. They want to give their children the very best, so that they can get a good and quality education in their future. Because of these parents’ concern, they end up reinforcing the negative message that doing homework is not necessary and that it’s not good, or at least does not count.

Many Latino students who are taught to ignore their assignments see their homework as a burden. One teacher said to me, “My students feel like I’m not giving them any responsibility.” Another added, “I ask my kids to do their homework, and they just leave it up to me.” These teachers are part of the majority of teachers who teach that homework is a nuisance, something that doesn’t need to be done. They don’t believe that their students are capable of learning, or that they need to put in any real effort to do it.

The reality is that homework is an essential part of every learning environment. When students don’t get enough sleep, or any sleep at all, they become lethargic, distracted, and slow down. Their minds work constantly on other things that they should be focusing on – such as schoolwork or the events in their lives. By avoiding homework, they are denying themselves the chance to learn in a balanced way.

So, while it may be tempting to avoid doing my homework, it is imperative that children learn to do it. This way, they will have the opportunity to succeed in school and to achieve their goals. Doing my homework Que Esta En Espaol makes the task seem less daunting, and more like common sense. It provides them with the structure that they need to get all of their work done, and they can learn to set time aside for it each night.

For me, it has always been important to do my homework, no matter where I am. In fact, I think that it is one of the most important things that I do as an education professional. My students have achieved amazing results because I believe in their innate ability to learn. Now, I must admit that I got help from a friend a few years ago, when I was getting ready to teach my first English class. But the bottom line is, I was doing my homework by myself, and I did it well.

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