I Can’t Do My Homework?

I Can’t Do My Homework?
“Why can’t I do my homework? My teacher says I should do it every night.” Many of us struggle with this question, especially when we have a deadline looming or a test coming up.

The short answer is that you shouldn’t do it on your own. You don’t have time to spend researching for the assignment, writing papers on your own, eating and relaxing at home before you have to go to class. Yes, sometimes your home will get you through, but more often than not, you are going to be very rushed. Your night out at the club or bar may be fun, but it won’t be worth it if you don’t do the homework on time.

The real question then becomes “why can’t I do my homework?” There are many reasons. Some of them are: The Law of Least Effort – Some people feel like they are forced to do their homework because they have to do it, regardless of whether they want to or not. Others are lazy and just don’t want to put in the time to do it. One of the best ways to overcome this “my homework is harder than other kids’ homework” problem is to find alternative ways to do it.

I once knew a girl whose homework consisted of her reading an article in her homework magazine for the week. Her excuse was that she had to do it because her English teacher would be home from work all night taking care of her. She also said she didn’t have a lot of time to make it to school. It didn’t matter how much she put into it or what she thought about working. She went ahead and did her homework on her own, even though she knew that she could do better.

I asked myself the question “Why Can’t I Do My Homework?” This question bugged me for some time until I realized that it was a common problem. A lot of kids, especially boys, are hard workers who do the majority of their school work on their own. They may complain about doing it on their own or saying that it is hard, but they do it.

If your kid is one of these energetic kids, you are going to have to make some changes. For one thing, be sure that he or she doesn’t leave homework to run overnight or to complete when school lets out. Set aside a few hours at night or early in the morning when homework is done so that he or she can concentrate on studying and not worry that you will be looking over his or her shoulder. Also, encourage him or her to pick up his or her books and study on their own. By doing this, you will be able to set aside some time to discuss what has been learned during the day.

Another thing to do is to assign an individual to do homework with your child. Don’t waste money on hiring a middle man or teacher. Make sure that your child does his or her homework by himself or herself. If you try to force your child to do homework with someone else, then it might become a chore and you will lose your child’s respect for you and for the assignment.

Let your children take a break from homework as often as they need. During breaks, take some time to discuss what has been learned during the day. It is okay to sit down and have a discussion with them if you need to. Homework is only one thing out of a students life and should not be its sole focus.

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