Is Homework Commoditable in Australia?

Is Homework Commoditable in Australia?
Many parents wonder whether homework is compulsory in Australia. The short answer is that yes it is. If your child fails to do his or her school work on time, then he or she may be suspended from school. This is actually the point when the term “homework” is mentioned, as school districts across the country have implemented policies that require students to do their school work on time.

There are a number of different policies that implement this policy. In Victoria, for example, the VEDA (Valedictorian Education Benefits Act) regulates who receives payments for completed homework. For most schools, this means that children receive a payment for every 100 pages that they complete, regardless of their actual effort. Under this policy, the child’s payment is usually quite low, sometimes just pennies.

Many questions come to mind when you consider the question of whether or not is homework compulsory in Australia. To start with, is it really compulsory? If a child has done well in school, and his/her parents have supported that child’s performance, then it is likely that the child will receive some kind of scholarship or bursary award for doing exceptionally well at school. This is typically seen in cases where a child performs exceptionally well academically, and performs well in the rest of the subjects that he or she studies. Parents would likely have been quite happy to receive such an award if it were not for their son or daughter not completing their school work on time.

On the other hand, if a child is performing poorly, or just generally not well, then this is usually not the case. Many parents are often unsure about the reasons for their children’s performance in school. However, there are many reasons why children might fail to do their school work on time. It is important to remember that the teacher (not the parents) is usually responsible for ensuring that all of the children do their homework on time. This does not just mean making sure that they complete it on the designated day, but also making sure that they do it within the specified time period.

Another valid reason why homework might not necessarily be compulsory, is if you are not the breadwinner in the family. In many cases, especially if you are the only earner, it is actually better not to do any homework at all. After all, who wants to do something for free, even if they don’t like it? Homework is usually a way for children to improve their performance in school, as well as prepare them for the academic environment.

There is still some confusion as to whether or not compulsory schooling is always a good idea. The proponents for compulsory schooling strongly believe that it is absolutely necessary for all children to go to school. Opponents argue that such a system would provide disadvantaged children with a more privileged access to top class education. The decision is likely to be a matter of personal preference, but one thing that should always be considered is the development of social norms. If a child doesn’t feel like going to school, then they may not be ready to make the necessary adjustments when they do go to school.

Some children have been known to refuse to do their school work on a Friday because it is ‘too much work’ for them. They don’t see the point in having to do it and school has to go on. Such children need to realise that homework is an essential part of growing up. It helps them develop important skills which will help them in life, whether it is through a better education, employment or a hobby.

So should homework really be compulsory? The answer is probably ‘no’. The best thing for you and your children is to encourage them to do their own research and discuss the topic with their parents. Then you can decide if you feel it is something that both of you should do together, or if you should leave it to your children to decide for themselves.

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