Is Your Name Homework Joke?

Is Your Name Homework Joke?
“I’m sorry Professor Snape, but I think I am forgetting…” is a well known joke among students. Unfortunately this is the main reason that teachers tell their classes to use proper nouns in essays and written work. Of course, it is not as easy to remember a name that is not used all the time. Sometimes students forget their name just because they have been using it all year long. It is a well-known fact that many students can be very cruel.

It is understandable that people want to make others laugh and having a good time is one of the ways to go about doing this. However, a name joke can sometimes ruin the image of a well-groomed and respected student. It is therefore important to be careful of this type of behavior. If you find that you have made a comment that could be considered insensitive, do the next little bit of research on the Internet so that you can find the right ways to handle the situation.

If you were named Ernie, would you write on your name checker that it is Ernie O’Neal? This is a way of making fun of another person for no apparent reason. Another possible way is to write something like “Hello Professor Snape, it is really nice to see you again… Are you trying to remember me? “, which could be perceived as a funny nickname of the professor.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes, just making fun of another person’s name is not the best way to go about it. What if you had a friend named Dave? How would you interpret this name checker? Would it be more funny if you called him Dave the idiot or more appropriate, Dave the Jerk?

So, instead of using the name checker, what if you actually used your name checker on someone else’s name? For example, how about if you’re going to call your best friend Jane. Would you call her Jane or Janny? This can be perceived as a lighthearted manner and not mean spirited. What if you are going to use a funny nickname for your pet frog, what would be more funny than calling your frog, Chunk or Grunk?

Making fun of another person’s name is not the only way to address someone else’s name. Just think about the implications of saying something like, “You little worm, you make me laugh so hard”. This is viewed by some as mean spirited and may make one feel uncomfortable, but does have a good amount of humor, unlike calling someone an idiot.

In the end, is your name homework joke? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, it can be funny when used in the proper context and completely inappropriate in others. No, it can be a good substitute for making fun of another person’s name or situation. So, be sure to use your head and find the humor in what is being said and try to avoid making a name checker an everyday occurrence.

When it comes to your name homework joke, be sure not to over do it. Using it too often will result in using it as a crutch for your insecurities and can be hurtful to those around you. Take one word of advice; do not put your name into the mouths of those who do not know you by your first name. Even if they do, be sure to correct their diction. A good name checker can help you do this when using your new title for the day.

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