My Homework Never Goes Away on Reddit – What to Do About it and What Not to Do

My Homework Never Goes Away on Reddit – What to Do About it and What Not to Do
Many people use Reddit as a way to communicate with others, especially for a home school teacher. I use it too and thought it would make sense to create a space on Reddit for home school teachers to communicate with other home school students about homework. There are many reasons to create this space. For one, it’s become pretty clear that many parents don’t do their homework. Homework is something that seems to be pushed aside in favor of watching television or playing video games.

Many teachers have resorted to allowing students to do their own work on Wikipedia. This seems kind of silly when you consider all the effort that is placed on getting students to learn facts and concepts that will help them in their future lives. Wikipedia, in my opinion, is a great source for learning.

Another alternative is to allow students to create articles based on topics that they choose. I’m sure that many people view Wikipedia as a waste of time. After all, who writes articles? I believe that at least some students are capable of writing an article and submitting it.

I recently sat down with four different students. Three of them had already done the work on Wikipedia. The fourth student was doing his or her own article. Before I gave them the material to write their Wikipedia article, I asked each of the three different students to describe themselves in particular terms. When I presented them with the same topic (homework), I asked how they thought that they would approach the assignment.

What I found was that all of the four had very similar answers. They said that they would “Google it” or “talk to their teacher” or even “make a PowerPoint”. All these answers made me realize that many people are less than stellar at completing homework. There is definitely room for improvement here. Let me share with you why I feel that it is important to post homework on Reddit.

Homework is something that needs to be completed in order to do well in school. Most students don’t like doing homework, but they have no choice because they have been subjected to an educational system where they must do it. They can learn from other’s mistakes and improve themselves. When I Google something, I always look for the top results.

Why would this be on Reddit? If I was looking for information, wouldn’t I go to Wikipedia? People who aren’t experts on any given topic often use Wikipedia. This makes sense. If I was searching for something that I didn’t completely understand, wouldn’t I go to eHow?

Why does this apply to homework? It applies to just about anything that we do as children. Do your homework. Share your work with others and help others out. Help your teacher out as much as you can.

There is a big problem with this. Kids are too lazy. They are not motivated to do anything when they do it at home. So, how do you solve this problem?

The answer is simple. Find something that interests you. If you are into cars, maybe you should start looking at automotive websites. If sports, maybe you should look at sports websites. The more you learn about something, the more motivated you will be to do the work.

You will find a number of homework help forums on Reddit. One of them is Automobilehidings. This is a huge area with a lot of people who have problems with their cars. Many people give advice and tips for fixing their cars and driving safely. A good example of this is /r/cars.

The key to this is being active. Post questions to help other users. Help others out so they can get the help they need. This can lead to you are helping out your own classmates with homework.

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