Should Homework Be Banished in Australia?

Should Homework Be Banished in Australia?
Should homework be banned in Australia? This is one question many students and their parents ask. After all, most of us do believe that our children should be allowed to do homework during the school day. After all, it is their responsibility to do their school work on time. However, there are some parents who believe that homework should be left up to the parents.

It has been noticed that many school principals have stopped allowing homework to be done at night. There have even been cases where students’ school work has been completed late at night because the principal thinks that they should be studying. Is this sensible thinking or just another way of justifying their decision to ban homework? Should homework be banned in Australia? Well, it is a good question and one which has been debated over for a while.

There have been some studies done in the US and Canada which suggests that students that do some schoolwork at night actually perform better in school. This may come as a surprise to many parents as it is normally thought that homework is done at night because the sun is too bright for the students. Another reason why homework is done at night is to help the child sleep. So if the student gets a good night’s sleep, then it should not be banned in Australia.

There are also other benefits for parents too. If homework is done at night and the students do not get interrupted, then the family can enjoy more quality time together. Research has shown that parents tend to spend much more time with their children when their children are doing homework. Also, when homework is done, the students are less likely to rely on their parents to solve problems. This means that the parent’s relationship with their child will become closer and, over time, this will have a positive impact on the child’s social behaviour.

The argument for homework being done at night does have one downfall though. This is that it can become quite hard to get the children to actually do homework all the time. In many cases, when homework is done at night, the students may be tempted to just stay up and watch television. This means that, without being told, the homework can easily become neglected. This can result in the children not completing all of their work on time and this can lead to a loss of points on their grades. This can lead to lower grades and this can mean that the children may not receive their school rewards from the beginning of the year.

Some schools have tried to combat the problem of night homework by having homework sessions during the day. This is usually done before students go home for the night. In these sessions, all assignments are completed at night, but some students still do some homework during the day. Many parents feel that this is not a good way to teach children what should be done for school. However, many students may find that it is easier to remember what was learned from the daytime sessions and they may pick up where they left off.

Homework can also become boring if there are too many projects to do. Many students get bored easily and this can lead to the assignment not being completed all throughout the semester. It may also mean that some projects are not completed all throughout the semester because it is taking longer to do them. For some, they may not feel that it is necessary to do the assignment all throughout the semester because they did not learn everything in the lesson or it was covered in class already. However, it is important to teach students that each assignment should be finished once it has been started.

Parents should be encouraged to discuss homework with their children. Discussing with them what they should learn and how much homework is completed, will help them to realize that this type of learning is important. When homework is done, children should show the work they have done to their parents. This can help children see that what they have been doing is valuable.

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