What is the Purpose of a Coursework?

What is the Purpose of a Coursework?
When asked what is the purpose of the coursework, students respond with a variety of answers. Some say that the objective of a class is to teach students about a particular subject. Others say it is to learn about a particular skill or learn about a subject in a more detailed manner. Still others explain that the course is an important component of the educational experience. All of these answers are correct; however, the purpose of coursework varies among students.

Most schools begin the term of a course by teaching all of the major topics. At this point, they establish objectives for each section of the coursework and assign homework to students. The teacher will grade homework based on his or her classifications and assignment schedule. Objectives are established because a course must be effectively taught and understood. It is also necessary to establish objectives to help motivate students to learn and perform well.

Once objectives have been determined, each unit of coursework must be assigned and its relative responsibilities outlined. Within each topic or course segment, there will usually be assignments that determine the student’s learning objectives. These objectives set the completion date, the number of pages required, how the work must be done, and what results must be expected. A course’s objectives establish the course’s purpose.

There is no right or wrong answer to what is the purpose of the coursework. It depends on the teacher, the class, and the student. It is important to remember that the purpose of the coursework is not only to teach students the material, but also to create an atmosphere where learning objectives are consistently enforced. This occurs through the sustained repetition of learning objectives and their associated learning actions.

Students must regularly repeat activities within the coursework in order to reinforce the learning objectives. Repeated activities help students retain the information and concepts they have absorbed and to reinforce that information through association. When learning objectives are repeated, students retain those objectives as part of their memory. They become so attached to them that when they face that learning objective again, they are reminded of what they already know. In fact, this knowledge base is passed on from teacher to student. The result is that students do not need to look at the objectives again in order to recall their meaning; they can remember it because it has become part of their memory.

As students progress through a course of study, they will learn new things and new objectives. What is the purpose of a coursework then? Again, it depends on the learning objectives, the level of the class, and the teacher. At the higher levels of learning, the purpose of coursework becomes increasingly important to ensure that all students are satisfied with the class work, especially since the more complex the course, the more it will take to satisfy all of the students. It is at this point that the value of coursework begins to become clear.

At the lower levels of learning, what is the purpose of a coursework becomes less important because it is assumed that the students will find the objectives interesting and that they will work hard to achieve them. In some cases, the objectives themselves serve as a reward for students. This is often the case with academic essays and papers, which are seen as the culminating achievements in a student’s academic career. At other times, however, what is the purpose of a coursework becomes not only an assumption about the level of learning in a class but also about the nature of the teacher’s involvement with the class.

When considering what is the purpose of the coursework, both its importance to the development of the learning environment and the reasons for its emergence as a significant part of the curriculum, one could ask what it is really about. In the simplest terms, coursework is a set of activities designed to help students learn more about the subject of interest. While many instructors assume that their coursework has no deeper meaning than the assignment it produces, the reality is much different.

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