What to Do When I Do My Assignment in Singapore!

What to Do When I Do My Assignment in Singapore!
The beauty of modern Singapore is that you don’t need to do a full course on English to get a good job. The language is fast and efficient, and everyone knows English in Singapore, so there is no need to study the language as hard as some of my classmates who did their assignments in China. On top of that, the cost of doing business here is one of the lowest in the world, which also works in your favor. That’s why I love this city. Here are some tips on how to do my assignment in Singapore.

Get a hold of a good book on Singapore and all the places around it. You can even borrow a few from your professor. You will find a lot of resources like this in your course. If you’re still confused with the place, do research over the internet.

After you have picked up some basic words, you should start learning the most commonly used phrases in English. This is where I made my mistakes. Don’t think that because someone has studied a language for years that they have a deep understanding of all the complexities of English. My assignments in Singapore were terribly difficult. But I persevere, and I now look back on my assignments with great fondness.

Try to avoid studying during lunch time. It’s too busy here. I try to study in the middle of the afternoons and evenings. The sun helps to motivate me to stay focused.

Write down all your assignments and do research on the net. Use the dictionary and online encyclopedias to help you get through the coursework. There will be an occasional test. Do your best, and pass! You will probably need to review some of your assignments before you pass, so do them well!

I recommend doing some paid lessons, either in a class at the University of Singapore or at one of the many paid tutoring sites on the web. This will give you practice. Plus, when you’re done, you will have some extra money to go out and enjoy Singapore. If you work at a hotel on your living allowance, there is no way to make this happen!

Another money-saver is to do your assignments on paper, rather than on a computer. If you don’t, chances are you will get burned out quickly. I once completed a whole year’s coursework this way. The burned-out part? Three months of extra work!

To recap, if you are serious about getting good grades in English, you must put in the extra effort to prepare for English coursework. Then, do your assignments in an organized and dedicated manner. Follow the course outline and complete all your coursework on time. Work the course, then get out and enjoy Singapore!

Okay, let’s assume you have already prepared for your assignment and got your bachelors or masters degree in English. What’s next? Well, unless you know what you are doing, this is where your life would be made easier. You can simply keep yourself busy with things that make you happy. If you have children, be a good mother and do your assignments and stay at home with them!

How about a vacation? Sounds like a good idea to me. Just get out of the house and do something nice! Or maybe a business trip. Wherever it is that you want to go, do it and enjoy it!

After completing your Masters or Bachelor’s degree, don’t forget about your country as well. Try to get a job in Singapore. Many international companies have operations in this country and you will never know what you will get into! Good or bad, it will definitely be good!

A word of advice though, do not forget to take pictures. Do not ever get too lazy to do this, otherwise you won’t be able to have the memories of your assignment center experience. Pictures will help you to remember not only what you have done but what you saw as well. This is one great way to keep yourself motivated and also capture important moments.

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